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  • From neighbors to killers: Book explores the personal horror of Rwanda’s genocide March 21, 2006 "Intimate Enemy," a new book by political scientist Scott Straus, deals head-on with one of the most disturbing aspects of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda - that it was carried out, in essence, by everyday people, who quickly transformed from neighbors to killers.
  • Author explores CIA connections to torture tactics Jan. 9, 2006 A professor of history at the UW-Madison has authored a book available this month that explores evidence of a 50-year legacy of U.S. government-sponsored forms of psychological torture.
  • New book offers road guide to Wisconsin geology March 12, 2004 When the glaciers moved across Wisconsin as late as 15,000 years ago, they carved out one of the most notable features of the UW-Madison campus - Bascom Hill.
  • Book explores psychological effects of pollution on children March 5, 2003 Wherever we live, pollution lives with us. Whether it's chemical runoff from farms or loud music booming down the street, pollution touches us not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally, according to a new book by Colleen Moore, a psychology professor at UW-Madison.
  • Dean of lichens publishes book on state plants Feb. 10, 2003 Ninety-year-old emeritus professor of botany John Thomson, recognized as a world authority on Arctic lichens, has completed a new book, Lichens of Wisconsin.
  • Book explores food genetics Feb. 22, 2002 What is the promise and what are the dangers of genetically modified foods? Like it or not, more than half of all foods produced in the United States now contain genetically modified ingredients. The Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters has just published a book on the subject designed for the general reader.
  • Tiramisu Press blends book design with content Sept. 6, 2000 They do a dance together, they do. It's a dance of paper and ink and type and words, a dance that melds message with form. Out on the floor they whirl and spin until they blur...into books.
  • New book offers view of 1969 conflict between academic freedom and racial justice Sept. 7, 1999 A new book by Donald Downs, professor of political science, chronicles the clash of two principles that many universities espouse: academic freedom and racial justice.
  • New book explores what workers want Aug. 5, 1999 What do workers want? University professor Joel Rogers answers that question in a new book based on the most extensive workplace survey of the last 20 years.
  • Anthropologist collaborates with study's subjects March 16, 1998 In a new book titled Mondays on the Dark Night of the Moon: Himalayan Folktales, cultural anthropologist Kirin Narayan contributes to a growing movement in anthropology to work out more equitable and collaborative relations with the people being studied.
  • Book Chronicles Evolution of Academic Freedom at UW-Madison Feb. 9, 1998 The birth and evolution of academic freedom at UW-Madison forms the focus of a new book edited by economics Professor Emeritus W. Lee Hansen.
  • Book To Show How Dance Creates, Challenges Gender Identity April 3, 1997 Sally Banes, Marian Hannah Winter Professor of Theatre History and Dance Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has found evidence from the dance stage that leads to alternative interpretations.